Dating Coworkers Bad Idea

On a tight deadline, you have an ally to collaborate with. You already know him. One of you might get a promotion. Get ready for an awful lot of gossiping about weird co-workers and venting about clients on the weekends. It will suck to have to treat him like a colleague in staff meetings when all you want to do is jump on him and lick his face. The guy eats Pop Tarts for breakfast every day and his socks smell. Things might get weird if he becomes your boss or you become his.

For her, it has to do with fostering career confidence: You can rail against the unfairness of it all, but think of it this way: If life were fair, you wouldn't be in this dilemma, and the arrow would have pierced the heart of someone nice who works for the company across the street. If you're smart, you will deal with the real world and anticipate plenty of bloodshed before this tale concludes.

One of you may need to leave the job if things don't work out. If things do work out, one of you may have to go, because it's against company policy to date fellow employees. Let's say you become involved with someone in your department, and you receive a promotion. Now you're in a relationship with your subordinate. This opens up the possibility of blackmail. And what happens when it comes to conducting reviews and disciplining your honey? You get the picture. Still thinking of dating a coworker?

Better start popping extra vitamins and heighten your sense of discretion. You'll need a lot of energy and concentrated effort to keep your office romance just between the two of you. And when coworkers eventually find out, you may be the subject of ridicule and suspicion:. If you want people to focus on your professional abilities, don't give them reasons to fuel the rumor mill. You may think this is a private affair, but is it really?

Logic tells you your romantic involvement will impact your coworkers directly. If you sit together in the company cafeteria, will people now feel they should give you privacy? Will they exclude you from certain conversations, because they don't know what you'll relay to your new love? Consciously or subconsciously, your relationship may influence decisions that go well beyond a lunchroom. Check the company policy about dating a coworker and inter-office relationships.

This is particularly important if one of you is in a higher position or a position of authority. Many companies have strong policies against what they see as a conflict of interest and a possible abuse of power. Dating in the office can destroy careers in more ways than one. For example, if one party is underperforming, it can create a major conflict for both parties, ending up in the loss of two jobs.

After all, would you really want to work for somewhere that fired your significant other? Be upfront and honest. You need to be prepared to follow through with the outcome, however. Trying to hide it rarely if ever works and eventually when it all comes to light, you may have an even greater mess to clean up. Part of being socially and emotionally mature is knowing you can find ways to interact with many different people.

You can move past it. Remind yourself of all these factors and weigh out the pros and cons before jumping in and dating a coworker , potentially making a mistake based on fleeting attraction. Try to keep your private and personal life separate from your life at the office. Listen to this episode here on BlogTalkRadio or here on iTunes.

Top 10 Reasons Why Dating a Coworker is Bad

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