Interracial Dating Unnatural

Because men are the natural leaders in all normal societies, the white males who currently dominate the world must destroy the image of the black male, not only in his mind but in the mind of the black woman. The consequence of this mental assault — via schools, places of worship, the media, government policies, etc. Instead of protecting his woman, he attacks her; instead of bonding with his brother, he fights him; instead of being a protector and a builder in his community, he is a predator and destroyer of his community; instead of raising his children, he abandons them; instead of fighting for his people, he stands with the enemy.

The damage these men cause is obvious. A less obvious consequence is that these fools help reinforce the negative stereotypes that the white man works so diligently to maintain. What white people think of us is irrelevant. What is relevant is how we view ourselves. When black people embrace negative stereotypes about themselves, they either act like the fools they have been told they are or they become so disdainful of the race that they try to disassociate themselves from it.

This self-loathing and belief that Blacks are the source of all their problems, leads many of them into the arms of white folks. And any type of behavior we engage in, including whom we marry, must move us in the direction of empowerment. Overall, it is the white community that benefits most from marrying Blacks and adopting black babies, electing a black president, etc. Blacks who are impressed by these whites cannot explain why power is still concentrated in the hands of a white male elite, why racial disparities persist in almost every area of life, and why we have yet to receive our reparations.

If black people are not able to grasp the nebulous nature of white supremacy, they will not fight against it. It is harmful to the race. Group solidarity is vitally important to the successful accomplishment of any major undertaking. The top priority for black people should be the strengthening of the black family. It takes a black man and a black woman to make a black family.

BUT, the family is the one institution over which we should have total control. It is the first institution we come in contact with and thus, the first institution that begins shaping us into what we will become later in life. They can be empty cups to be filled by whatever the white world wants to fill them with, or they can become shining swords who will hack, slash and stab their way through the obstacles placed in front of their people.

It takes parents committed to the cause of Black Power, black self-determination, to raise children who are also committed to the cause. Black solidarity is a fundamental prerequisite to Black Power; As such, solidarity must be practiced in the home to serve as a proper example to young people. This means black folks marrying each other, not whites. The black family is disintergrating right in front of our eyes.

Many black homes are without fathers, some without fathers or mothers. We all have the duty to combat this disintergration. However, it is sinful and unbiblical to deliberately promote interracial marriage with the intent of unifying the world. There is an agenda today to promote marriage between different races. God segregated mankind in the Bible at Babel, that all men might seek the Lord Acts In other words, one corrupt group of people wouldn't necessarily corrupt the other groups.

Whenever men unite together, it always a bad thing. Satan today is working relentlessly to remove all the boundaries, to promote a one-world religion, economy, and police state. It is happening now. The purpose is to lead the world in worship of the coming beast. Personally, I think it's recommended for racial groups to marry within their own group. There are many challenges and problems associated with mixed marriages.

It is not sinful according to Hebrews That's not to say that there aren't successful and happy mixed marriages, but the racial tensions that exist between the two families can often cause a feeling of alienation for one, or both, spouses. The unnatural promotion of interracial marriages today is sinful because of the agenda behind it, and that agenda is a one world order.

There's just something beautiful about a family heritage that can be traced back within one's one ethnic group. But, I do know some wonderful people who have mixed marriages.

Focus: Black and white race mixing and interracial relationships are unnatural?

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