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The more you buy, the bigger the discount. You can also choose "Unlimited websites" if you are a developer and would like to develop very many websites using Chameleon Social Software. Do you offer domain names? Yes, you can see our premium dating and social networking domain names on the Pricing page here. Do I have to use your domain name? No, usually a domain name is bought at godaddy. But if you do not want to spend several days thinking of a possible name, if you like a particular name we offer and find the logo attractive, of course you can use one of our domain names, although they are somewhat more expensive.

Why are your domain names so cheap? Yes, they are extremely cheap. Because it is not our main business. We make software, we are programmers and designers. And if we can help our clients to find a good name for their sites we will do it. Moreover, we do not earn anything selling the domain names, all the money goes right to the logo designers.

What is the difference between dating, social, and social dating modes? These modes are just an example of what unlimited capabilities you get when you have Chameleon Social Software. The difference is the features that are activated, so for the social mode we activated the Timeline, for the dating mode we activated the Home page, and for the social dating we activated the both things.

This division is rather optional, you invent your own website every time you activate and disactivate features. How do I test the Video Chat or the Audio Chat? This can be a bit tricky because you can not test it on ONE computer these features are never used on the same computer actually , you need to log in as, for example, Lily and your friend needs to log in as John and one of you should press the link Video Chat or Phone in the profile of the other person.

If you test it on the same computer, the sound that comes from the microphone and then goes around the globe and back to your computer enters into a loop and you hear some horrible noise. We only charge a small fee for the setup. It is based in the cloud so we pay very little for it and this additional service makes the whole package we offer look more complete. You can use it as long as you want and you can have as many members on your website as you wish.

There are no limitations. But usually when the websites grow and have a lot of members, the owners prefer to move the website to a faster and bigger server. A free hosting already seems too slow for them. It is very important if you want a unique website. The price is 7! The apps are compiled by them so you have yoir own logo and title. Also the apps are hybrid, that is, you can make some changes to your web mobile version and the apps take those changes automatically, no need to recompile and resubmit an app whenever a minor change is made.

This is a huge advantage at least for me, as I like to tweak the language a lot. They make updates every couple of months and an updater script is provided, so none of your changes are lost. The code is very well optimized so the website can handle millions and millions of users. However, it is created in more professional manner and is more attractive, the input fields are custom styled which is good as well.

The login and registration fields are available on the main page, it is comfortable. The registration fields have input check which is a good feature. Tried to enter special symbols and got a message with a hint. This is a good ability of the software. After the main page registration part you get the following page: After you chose the state, the list of the cities in that state is being loaded.

The list is loading very fast. I like when software works fast. The third step of registration is asking you to upload a photo. We can see a lot of small windows all over the site window. Just clicked on it and typed whatever wanted. When you click somewhere else, your status message will save automatically. Like in the center of the page: Chameleon is a very clever script ladies and gentlemen: In my case the widget is empty since I do not have any friends as of yet.

This account has some filled information. Also it has scrolling which means that it is able to show all your friends on-line even if there are hundreds of them. This is actually the calendar of the events you intend to attend to.

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