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She has been paid by Microsoft to look vaguely interested while holding an Xbox controller. Besides, the girl in that photo would almost certainly crush you to death with her elephant-sized hoofs. Just look at the size of those bloody things! Gargantuan feet notwithstanding, our advice is to aim lower. Morgan Webb , Felicia Day and that cute chick who licks Xbox controllers are not going to date you.

Stick to your own league. There is only one stud gamer in this world and his name is Vin Diesel. Join an MMO World of Warcraft: In fact, the genre's crawling with more female chromosomes than a lonely mad scientist's petri dish. Er, we mean World of Warcraft. With over 40, registered female players in the US alone , WoW is the ultimate hunting ground for affection-starved gamers. Some confirmed WoW-hotties include Cameron Diaz, Mila Kunis, Kate Beckinsale, Jenna Jameson and Playboy model Adrianne Curry — who reportedly enjoys playing in the buff.

For example, on Valentines Day you can surprise your WoW crush with a flower or piece of jewelry in-game. As you can imagine, this tends to go down better than shooting her in the head and tea-bagging her crumpled corpse. Naturally, voice-chat is a must during MMO courtships — otherwise you might be wooing a year old mechanic called Bruce. If she decides to start playing a dude, just go with it. Experimentation is the key to a healthy relationship.

The only problem is You might as well be dating a girl who only plays The Sims. GameCrush is a new online 'dating' service that lets you play video games with women in exchange for cold, hard cash. It's basically a virtual brothel that substitutes Halo for sex. Or you could let her beat your avatar to a bloody pulp in-game — whatever floats your boat. The question is, are you desperate enough to try and score with a platonic prostitute who is solely in it for the cash?

Gamerdating claims over 5, members and is also available worldwide. An Online Community While GamerDating is focused on romance, it is also an online community where users can come together and discuss games. Which of course means you can read user reviews of games and get to know newer releases. GamerDating therefore also functions as a hub of interaction for gaming singles who looking to combine their search for love with their hobby.

That being said, the communities on the site do tend to be somewhat lacking. The developers claim that things will be sorted out and more features will be added in the future. Features on GamerDating Most of the features on GamerDating, when it comes to online dating at least, seem to be rather basic. They do have a rudimentary matchmaking system: Of course, you can also search for users. All profiles must have a real photo, so… …the chance of fakes is a lot lower than most niche dating sites.

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