Single Hammock

The tree straps are a bit short for some applications but serviceable and a huge bonus, I didn't even know I was getting those as well. All in all, sturdy and well made at a heck of a price. A single has easily enough room for two people and the material is very comfortable. This is the perfect hammock to relax alone or cuddle up to someone. I am very pleased with this hammock. Easy to setup, easy to pack away, comfortable and can't beat that price! Quality is very good, The price was right and so I purchased more.

Now everyone has their own. Would recommend them highly. I couldn't pass it up. This is a great hammock and exactly what I was looking for. There was a mix up with my order, but Fox Outfitters was quick about responding to me. What a great customer service group they have. Will be purchasing from this company in the future due to the customer service and quality of products. They arrived quickly and before we went on a recent camping trip this weekend.

Very easy to set up and lightweight. Everyone enjoyed relaxing in comfort in these hammocks. Chris brought parachute rigging materials and techniques to the hammock world, which is why his products are so light and strong. Hummingbird Hammocks are made in the USA as well. For this review I tested a new clasp prototype that has a simple loop and button system.

If all goes well with the testing, the new clasp system will be available sometime this spring. They work like a chinese finger trap with a loop on one end pictures below. This design will slightly limit hanging length when compared to traditional tree straps, but I found them to have plenty of length. My biggest grievance with the tree straps is they don't come with a carrying case and they won't fit in the hammock bag for easy storage.

MATERIALS - Hummingbird uses parachute fabric, spectra cord, and military spec bonded nylon thread to build their hammocks. These high-tech materials are key for keeping hammock weight and size to a minimum. I suspect these specialized materials are also one of the reasons Hummingbird Hammocks cost slightly more than their ultralight competition. SIZE - The Hummingbird Single is 8ft 8in long and 3ft 11in wide.

PACKED SIZE - Another great feature of the Single is that it packs down really small. When packed this hammock is 4in x 4in x 2in, or about the size of an apple. STYLE - Hummingbird Hammocks come in four different colors:

The do-it-all, hang-anywhere hammock.

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